F. A. Q.

You charge £5.99 per gram, in other shops I find it less than 2 pounds.

Actually our saffron is the cheapest pure organic you’ll be able to find around. Other shops charge over £7.5/gr. The shops you have seen it being cheaper just don’t sell original one. If you want to taste real saffron and enjoy its full benefits you are wasting your money every time you buy it for £2/gr.

In what package you are putting the saffron?

-The saffron is placed in a lightproof package in order to maintain its freshness.

How many days it takes my order to arrive if I am in the UK?

We dispatch the same day if you order by 16:00 or next business day the latest. You saffron will have arrived in 2-3 business days after the dispatch.

How can I be sure that your saffron is original? 

Apart from the fact that you will be able to notice by yourself because we give you the chance of return, you can see in our main page the certificate from the kingdom of Morocco and the corresponding picture that show what happens when you induce it in the water.

I am not very good in cooking with saffron, what can I do?

We will be posting useful recipes and ways to cook but you can also contact us and we’ll be able to reply to any question you may have.

I cannot afford to buy such an expensive spice. I can instead use turmeric, curry powder, annatto, safflower or just leave it out of a recipe.

Saffron’s flavor cannot be duplicated. Anyone who uses saffron just once, knows this. Leaving it out or using a substitute is the equivalent of trying to make 40-clove garlic chicken without garlic or vanilla ice cream without vanilla.